Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Kids in Couture by Ryan McGinley

Kids in couture, the title is pretty self explanatory.
I can't even imagine what elementary school me would do in these clothes!
Have you ever played dress up?
When I was younger, I loved playing with Barbies.
Dressing them up, putting the shoes on their permanent high-heels only shoes, and then plotting high society affairs for them.
Growing me and my cousins would always play dress up wearing my best clothes, doing out hair, and making up fake names and accents.
When I grew a little bit older, I made my little cousin my doll.
I had a theory that the toys you played when you were younger reflected the future for you. Other than the obvious future doctor playing with a plastic stethoscope, I had these precious memories that helped me LOVE fashion.

The kids in this ed are so lucky, so blessed, and it looks like they're having a lot of fun.
I wish, when I design clothes, that the people wearing them feel just as or look just as happy as these kids.
Sometimes a garment is more than a a garment. Each piece with their own personalities that match with people of the same style.

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