Monday, November 30, 2009

Killer Loubies

These are ferosh.
The "classic" 50's red soles juxtapose the studded glam of the bad ass punk rocker in the 70's.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Reptile Textiles

Source: Garments (Jak and Jil), Shoes (Fashiontoast)

Seems like reptiles are taking over the (fashion) world.
Animal prints have long since been a trend, but style documenters, Rumi Neely and Jak & Jil have taken it a step further by bringing back the croc skin and scaly textures.

Christopher Kane's collaboration with Topshop has introduced a highly coveted minidress featuring one of these reptile creatures.

And Alexander Wang, never one to be behind, has his Lara combat boot.

If you're feeling this trend, these two items are for sure some fashion staples you'd like to collect.

As for me, I'm broke. & I'm still in love with little cheetah print things.
I'm slowly building my faux snake skin collection, though! :)

All my love <3

Jane Aldridge's Dolce and Gabanna face wedges

Source: Sea of Shoes

I could not have picked the more perfect color, or shape to designate on this shoe.
They definitely have a personality of their own!

All my love <3

We are (b)Lazers

There is something about cuffing your blazer that fascinates me. This might explain why I am so particularly obsessed with the lining of a blazer.
Up until recently, the blazer is seen as "business wear". Something so conservative as a blazer paired without the other half of the suit, can ultimately show such a playful approach to fashion.
Q: Do you ever stop and think, "Why would a businessman roll his sleeves up?" or "What's under that stern exterior?"
A: To show your polka dot lining of course!

I would love to buy a nice wooly blazer, or reconstruct one to fit me well. Boyfriend blazers are seemingly difficult to find without having to spend more than $150 on. When I do find one, however, I'm for sure sewing a floral or heart patter in the lining!

All my love <3

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Feelin' lit, feelin' light.

music: Pursuit of Happiness - Kid CuDi ft. MGMT and Ratatat
mood: full

With fashion blogs, it's easy to get carried away.
For example, in my many attempts of starting one, I've ended up making every fashion blog into a "blog blog", writing the personal, little and irrelevant details of my everyday life.
Why? Because fashion is my life. It's become part of my lifestyle and everything I do.

Anyways, I'm just going to keep this blog relevant to the fashion industry because lately I have been forcing myself to plan my LIFE basically, what with course changes ending soon and my high school life moving past myself in a surreal blur. That being said, I've decided to atleast try to chase my dreams of making a living within the fashion industry. Hopefully this blog will help me realize what my priorities are.
I'll try to update as often as I can! I mean, I enjoy it so I will obviously ;)

Right now I'm just tweaking and perfecting what seems to be the "layout uniform" for all fashoin boggers, "minima default" lol! A header will be up soon keep your shirts/jumpers/panties/ on.

All my love <3

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