Sunday, November 29, 2009

We are (b)Lazers

There is something about cuffing your blazer that fascinates me. This might explain why I am so particularly obsessed with the lining of a blazer.
Up until recently, the blazer is seen as "business wear". Something so conservative as a blazer paired without the other half of the suit, can ultimately show such a playful approach to fashion.
Q: Do you ever stop and think, "Why would a businessman roll his sleeves up?" or "What's under that stern exterior?"
A: To show your polka dot lining of course!

I would love to buy a nice wooly blazer, or reconstruct one to fit me well. Boyfriend blazers are seemingly difficult to find without having to spend more than $150 on. When I do find one, however, I'm for sure sewing a floral or heart patter in the lining!

All my love <3

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